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HISTORY Est. in 1940
The legacy of a family owned business is more than words on paper or the service you receive on a regular afternoon. After more than 75 years of traditions and achievements Gleason Printing has become greater than it's history could have ever projected.

In 1940, John Gleason bought a small print company in downtown Minneapolis and later moved it to St. Louis Park, where it still stands today. With the focus on stationary, flyers and smaller jobs he quickly began to expand the company into larger sheet-fed press work by upgrading his pressroom. Not long after that buisiness picked up and John notched his presence into the SLP map. 
Tough times hit in almost each decade as the years passed by, but the consistent standard of impressing clients with outstanding customer service stood the test of time. Wise investments with quality work led to small growth each decade regarless of the economy.
John would later turn the company over to one of his many sons, Jack. Jack would maintain the presidence set before him and work on deepening relationships with clients in the Twin Cities. 
Now, Gleason Printing, still family owned and still small business America, is thriving with new technology and advanced printing methods. The customer service with the realationships built over many years have made this company into one that can be trusted and one that should continue to succeed for years to come.
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